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Plans and Initiatives

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Energy Management Plan 2022/23 Learn More

Across campus, our utilities team is initiating safe and sustainable energy projects. Learn more in McMaster’s Energy Management Plan for 2022/23.

Sustainability Report 21-22

Sustainability Report 2021-22 Learn More

McMaster’s second annual Sustainability Report celebrates the voices and accomplishments of students, faculty and staff who are collaborating to create a more sustainable future.

Facility Services Strategic Plan 2022 - 26 | S.E.E.D. Learn More

The Facility Services team developed this strategic plan collaboratively with all department staff invited to participate. Our goal was to develop a clear, inspiring, and inclusive strategic plan that reflects the value of  Facility Services at McMaster. Our four strategic drivers include: Living Laboratory for Environmental Sustainability, Cultivating Human Potential, Operational Excellence, and Human Centric Spaces for “One University.” Each strategic driver has corresponding themes that identify an area for improvement, renewal, or focus. Together, Facility Services team members will focus on sustainability, engagement, excellence and discovery (S.E.E.D.) to support the growth, community and academic mission of McMaster University.

Sustainability Strategy 2022 - 26 Learn More

Transforming McMaster’s campus into a living laboratory for sustainability, accessibility, and inclusion is a university priority. McMaster’s first university-wide Sustainability Strategy aligns with our vision to advance human and societal health and well-being. The four strategic drivers in McMaster’s Sustainability Strategy were developed via cross-campus collaboration in light of McMaster’s responsibility to address the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) across disciplines, faculties, and units. The strategy includes ways to build a culture of sustainability and create a more self-sustaining campus. This strategy focuses on carbon reduction, energy and waste management, with the ultimate goal of being a carbon-free campus. Sustainability-centred research and learning opportunities are integral to this strategy’s success.

Sustainability Report

Inaugural Campus-wide Sustainability Report 2020/21 Learn More

The focus on environmental sustainability runs through every part of McMaster University, from teaching and research to the campus environment and operations. A snapshot of collective measures to advance environmental sustainability across our institution, the communities that surround us and around the world can be viewed together as McMaster’s first university-wide Sustainability Report. Facility Services initiatives are featured in multiple areas including carbon, waste, and energy use reduction.

Campus in the Fall

Net Zero Carbon Roadmap Learn More

As part of McMaster’s commitment to a safe and sustainable campus, the university performed a study in 2020 to provide an analysis of the main campus carbon emissions and develop a plan for reaching the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Facility Services Capital Plan Update 2021 Learn More

The Capital Plan is a board-approved document helping to guide McMaster University’s priority setting and planning of capital projects over a period of time. It is intended to be responsive to the University’s strategic vision both at present and in future.

McMaster's Energy Management Plan 2021 Learn More

The 2021/2022, Energy Management Plan highlights the past successes of the previous energy management plans and creates a road-map for a sustainable future. With an ever-increasing population of students and research-intensive strategic goal, McMaster is tasked with delivering a high-quality building environment while also striving for a sustainable, carbon-free campus.

Environmental Sustainability Plan (2018) Learn More

The Environmental Sustainability Plan outlines a path for McMaster University to contribute to the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan green house gas emissions reduction target.

Information Box Group

Campus Accessibility Action Plan Phase 2 (2018-2023) Learn More

Facility Services initiated a five-year Campus Accessibility Action Plan in 2012 with the objective of improving accessibility on campus. A second phase of the CAAP was launched in 2018. The report focuses on building entrances, public washrooms, fire alarm systems, voice annunciation, drinking fountains, and braille signage in elevating devices.

Office of Sustainability Annual Report (2018) Learn More

This report provides an overview of projects undertaken in our priority areas of energy, water, waste management, green space, health and well-being, transportation and experiential learning.

Energy Management Plan (2019) Learn More

Facility Services produced this document to demonstrate the university’s commitment to the planning and management of electricity, gas, and water usage on campus in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and optimize energy consumption, along with considering financial and social implications.

Asset Management Plan Learn More

Facility Services created the Asset Management Plan in response to the huge deferred maintenance backlog. This is a multi-year phased plan which focuses on the replacement of aging critical infrastructure in campus buildings including, but not limited to, building envelope (roof, doors and windows), HVAC systems, and electrical and fire safety systems.




The Capital Plan Learn More

The Capital Plan is a subsidiary document guiding the growth of McMaster’s physical assets such as buildings, land, and infrastructure, on and off the main campus. It represents the University’s existing approved priorities and a number of additional projects (funded, partially funded, or unfunded) for capital investment over the five-year designated planning cycle.

Facility Services Strategic Plan (2017- 2021) Learn More

The Strategic Plan considers the progress made by the department and introduces plans for the future. It is comprised of four main themes: People, Customer and Community, Financial, and Internal Business Process. Each theme was carefully crafted to reflect our commitment to providing an environment that promotes learning, research, and community engagement.


The McMaster University Campus Master Plan Learn More

The McMaster University Campus Master Plan was originally prepared in 2002 and updated in 2008. The intention of the plan is to provide a clear vision and framework to guide the development of buildings, open spaces, streets, and other elements that define campus character.


McMaster University Travel Demand Management Plan (2016) Learn More

This report assesses the travel conditions at McMaster University to explore how travel demand management can accommodate the increased university growth expected by 2025.

Project Management Tool

Facility Services Project Management Methodology Framework Learn More

The purpose of this document is to introduce the University community to Facility Services’ Project Management Methodology Summary and Framework. Facility Services is responsible for providing design and construction management services across campus.

General Science Building

Facility Services Planning and Infrastructure Development History: 1960-2019 Learn More

This report presents an in-depth view on how McMaster has invested capital resources in renovation/addition projects for existing infrastructure since the 1960s.