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University Master Plan

McMaster’s campus and locations are environments that support teaching and learning, innovation and research, living and working, health and well-being, inclusion and a sense of community.

Our University Master Plan will:

  • Evaluate our campus and locations with a fresh perspective and capture opportunities for a changing world.
  • Support McMaster’s response to climate change and threats to biodiversity by placing sustainability at the forefront;
  • Maintain the beauty that has made McMaster’s campus attractive for decades, such as the central mall, green space and foliage.
  • Enhance how McMaster’s campus and locations are reflective of and responsive to diversity in our community.

Hamilton Community members invited to shape McMaster’s campus and locations

McMaster University is holding a drop-in community consultation event where all members of our community are invited to help shape the next University Master Plan, creating a vision for the future development of university locations over the next decade.

Community members can participate in the University Master Plan Community Consultation:

  1. Share your thoughts online in our community consultation survey. The survey will close on Wednesday, October 5th. 

Thank you to those who attended our in-person drop-in event at Westside Church on September 14th. 

Expandable List

A Campus Master Plan provides a vision for the future development of our campus and locations over the next decade, and a framework that will shape our buildings, outdoor spaces, infrastructure and the experience of being at McMaster.

The planning process will involve evaluating our campus and locations with a fresh pair of eyes in a changing world, placing sustainability at the forefront, maintaining the beauty that make our campus so attractive and reflecting the diversity in our community.

The engagement phase began with McMaster leaders, students, faculty and staff and involved a short online survey and five pop-up events on campus. Students, faculty and staff provided their opinions on what they like about our campus and locations, what they do not like and what they would change to improve our physical spaces. To follow, McMaster extended outward to engage our community and partners in land stewardship. The engagement phase continues with a community consultation taking place in the fall of 2022.

The information gathered during the engagement phase will inform master planning options, which will then be narrowed to a preferred master plan. Progress will be shared along the way.

The new master plan will be the result of a visionary process that gives us a way to explore and prioritize possibilities according to our aspirations and needs.

To help McMaster create the master plan for the next decade, Facility Services is partnering with BDP Quadrangle, a skilled team of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists who have a great track record in creating outstanding university environments from around the globe.

The process of developing the University Master Plan will take the majority of 2022 and launch plans will be developed following the completion of the preferred option.