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Composting Champions Program

About the Composting Champions program   

The goal of this program is to divert food waste from landfill by increasing composting on campus. When organic waste ends up in landfill, it creates harmful greenhouse gas, which causes climate change. 

McMaster is encouraging staff, student, and faculty member to become a Composting Champion. Learn more and sign-up below.   

Responsibilities of a Composting Champions   

  1. Share information about what can be composted at McMaster and where. 
  2. Help make composting easy by using the tips and resources below.
  3. If you have an office or host events, set up a compost bin and empty it at our convenient locations, easily found on our interactive map.
  4. Provide feedback about what’s working and how we can improve. 
  5. Feel good about helping the environment!

Expandable List

Fill out a service request to become a Composting Champion: 

Step-by-step instructions:  

  1. Start a Service Request through Facility Services 
  2. Click “Add Service Request”  
  3. Enter your phone number  
  4. Select “Cleaning/Waste/Supplies” from the problem type  
  5. Select “Supplies Required”  
  6. Leave “Charge to Chartfield” blank  
  7. For “Issue Description” list the number of bins needed, number of liners needed, name and email of your area’s composting champion 
  8. Add your building and room location in the required fields   
  9. Select “yes” if your building has restricted access 
  10. In “Is an Estimate Required”, select No  
  11. Select “Next” to “Finish”  

If you have questions, comments, or feedback, contact